Thursday, January 15, 2015

Working on the workshops

Finally! I started the day with a plunge in the pool. One of the joys of this hotel.

Geraldine and me were on our own today; Maaike had to go to meetings at COSTECH and elsewhere. This was however not a problem; we had work enough to do, like working on the presentations. So after breakfast we pushed two tables together and started working. At home, I also want an office like this!

Geraldine didn't sleep too well, and was feeling a bit sick. She had a simple lunch and lots of tea, but this did not help too much. It seemed better that she would try to get some rest. She finished her work. Get well soon!

I'm typing this post before diner. Shall I go for the left over pasta, or will I try a pizza? Will tell you tomorrow...

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