Wednesday, January 28, 2015

To Dodoma!

8 hours in a bus. Not really my first choice of travelling, but hey, as African buses go, it was all right. AC was working, I was sitting to a German lady who shared a roasted corn with me, and even swapped places with me so I had some more leg space. Things to notice: The bus station is a crowded place with a lot of movement;

Dar is really a big city, it took almost an hour to leave the "suburbs"; Tanzania has a green countryside; and Dodoma is more cooler and less humid than Dar.

The Veta Hotel in Dodoma is basic, but pleasant. The terrace is a nice place, the food is good and cheap and comes in big portions.

And there was even a big TV so I could watch DR Congo draw against Tunisia, so they both go to the quarter finals of the Africa Cup of Nations, while kicking out Zambia.

After dinner we stepped through our first presentations for the first workshop tomorrow. And that is about all there is to tell about this day.

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