Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Some serious preparation

Today was a rather uneventful day; but lack of events do not mean lack of productivity!

The day started with some confusion where we were supposed to meet Maaike. This was all due to the failing internet-connectivity of the Slipway; we hoped we could meet at VSO HQ, but in the end we decided to start working in the terrace restaurant of the hotel anyway.

Using a dongle, we tried to set up a conference call using UberConference with DDD. When that failed we tried ordinary Skype. Because the terrace is rather noisy we moved to my hotel room, but even that did not help; Pete Mugo and Damian Gibbs were unintelligible anyway. So we resorted to old-fashioned email.

Just before lunch - we tried Mexican today - the Slipway came back online. Yeah!

And really, this were the main events of the day. Rest of the afternoon was filled with creating sheets, thinking up examples and trying to come up with interactivity enhancing features of the workshop. Sound rather posh for: the participants really will need to participate :-)

Diner at the Waterfront (chicken and kebabs) and now trying to keep a WhatsApp eye on the game of darts my team is playing tonight - without me. Go, Trappetje, go!

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