Sunday, January 25, 2015

Second workshop in Dar

On Wednesday the group was even bigger (so it seemed). Also 3 representatives of Digital Data Divide were present, so the room was quite crowded.

Today we started discussion ebooks and the epub-format. I improvised a demo of ebook management and creation tool Calibre. Damien Gibbs of DDD gave a very good presentation on his vision on digital publishing, and how DDD is able to assist. After lunch, the participants were asked to create their own ebooks.

Some groups picked it up quite nicely - not suprisingly if your name is Mlenge and you create ebooks as a service. His group converted all five sample documents and even made book covers to match.

Other participants had more trouble, but in the end everyone managed to create its own ebook.  Ruth and Phil from INASP visited just at the right moment to witness this sense of accomplishment:

Also Phil and Ruth grabbed the opportunity to discuss the current state of the project with Walter Bgoya.

The day ended with a good presentation on plagiarism and retraction by Geraldine. The participants from the universities were really enthusiastic; although it must be said that for other persons this topic was probably a bit over their head.

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