Monday, January 19, 2015

Second Sunday

Can't believe we're a full week here now. It has been relatively smooth.

Sunday were as slow as the Saturday, however we made some good progress in the workshop preparation. It was if the the internet at the Slipway felt our mood, it was very slow as well. However, I managed to download some sample content from Elsevier's new content repository "VTW", which is coming in useful.

The presentations on DMS and "the generic publishing process" were finished - but Geraldine forbid me to use the terms "S0.1", "S200.3" and "S300.5". I know, you Elsevierians probably know what I'm talking about, but the rest of the world does not have to understand our jargon.

We were to meet Maaike at the fairly new Indian place called Flames. The instructions how to get there were as good as they get in Dar, so a bit vague. Please note that only the main roads carry names. So we had to go "somewhat before the French School at Msasani Road, on the other side of Restaurant The Bay. Do not pass The Oyster Bay however". Luckily Flames was very well lit with big signs, so we taught the bajaji driver a new destination!

Very nice place, good Indian food, and Maaike had invited some friends as well, so there were 6 of us: Joelle, a VSO volunteer who lives in the same appartment building as Maaike; Russell, who has a job at VSO as project manager; and Lesley, who I met before.

Apologies for the shaken picture, it's all we have.

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