Monday, January 19, 2015

Saturday - 2

Saturday has been a day of chilling (poa!) and working on the presentations and workshop. We are making good progress. But it is hard to say if we are on the right track; we expect a big variety of entry levels in the participant, so we start basic. We will have some improvisation to do, I guess. We both preferred the coolness of the AC in our hotel room over the noise of the music - after a week we could literally predict about every song of the elevator music at The Terrace.

If the food is good, why not go to dinner at the same place again? Anyway, Geraldine had not been at the "Cape Town Fish Market" Friday, and she was feeling a bit hungry again, which is a good sign. So we walked there and had some enchilladas and a South African fish stew in a "potje".

Maaike was also in a chill mood, so the plans to go out were canceled. I could not mind too much, got to bed fairly early.

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