Saturday, January 17, 2015

Preperation part 2

Typing this on Saturday.. my first break of the "daily update" promise.

Luckily , yesterday Geraldine was feeling somewhat better again. We continued discussing the workshop and creating slides. On processes, on digital formats, on metadata standards. After lunch we showed them to Maaike, who had some good comments. 

We also tried to set up a Skype call -which is not that easy here- with a representative of Snapplify, which is a South-African company that might have some promising tools for Tanzanian publishers on ebook hosting and selling. Tarryn-Anne Anderson might even come over to deliver a part of the workshop. 

After all, it's Friday, so time for a vrijmibo, albeit it all by myself:
After posting this picture at Facebook, my friends added some hilarious comments on the state of "gezelligheid" of the Terrace bar. I know, not too many people around. 

Not to worry though, I would meet Maaike at a restaurant close by, the "Cape Town Fish Market", which is a 10 min walk from the Slipway. From the terrace of the Fish Market you can see the Slipway, the yellow building in the picture below:

And there, there were a lot of people, because the "Dutch Community" staged their "nieuwjaarsborrel" there. First we had some drinks with Maaikes English friends, followed by a dinner for two (Geraldine was not quite well enough), followed by "gezellig kletsen" with some 50 Dutch expats. After drinks and hapjes, Maaike even took me to the bar Triniti, with a live band and a good mix of locals and expats. Again, very "gezellig" indeed!

There we ended the night maybe somewhat too late, which I am regretting a bit today...

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