Sunday, January 11, 2015

My first blog from Tz

Haha, 2015, and Theun is starting to blog. Sóóóó "2008"!

But I do have a pretty good reason. I'll be in Tanzania for the next couple of weeks, participating in the "Publishing without Borders" program, which is a project organised by INASPVSO, COSTECH, and some other organisations, and Elsevier, which happens to be my employer. A total of eight coworkers are sent to Tanzania in concession -each one for 4 weeks- to assist in "strengthening the indigenous academic publishing in Tanzania". More on the project in the posts to come - mostly because it's not completely clear yet what kind of workshops Geraldine and myself will be organizing. 

Today I only had to get from Utrecht to Tanzania. The journey by train, plane, and car was smooth - except the crying Danish babies in the seats just behind me for 9 hours. At Julius Nyerere International Airport we were picked up by Swedi, the local VSO driver. Although co-worker Steve warned us on Swedi's driving style (red lights are not designed for stopping) it was not too bad. At 23 in the evening there is not a lot of traffic in Dar (which is short for Dar Es Salaam, but you got that). 

Unluckily the bar in the Slipway was already closed (we arrived at 10 our biological clock, but because of the 2 hour time difference with The Netherlands it was actually past midnight) but that gave me some time to set up this blog in my hotel room.

 By the way, the hotel room is pretty good:

I even have a kitchenette:

And now the rain is starting to fall. After all, this is the rainy season. So, time to go to bed.

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