Friday, January 23, 2015

First workshop in Dar

The first day we started with a customary round of introduction. We also asked the participants to write 3 sticky notes on what they would like to learn. That evening I digitized the paper notes using (also a form of digital publishing, by the way) which yielded something like

We would revisit the sticky notes at the end. But we knew already that we would not be able to cover everything. A learning point immediately arose: the views on the definition of "digital publishing" are not all the same. Maybe we should have dealt with right away.

Other topics covered
  • generic publishing process, loosely based on the Open Journal Systems
  • the Elsevier process
  • metadata
  • document management (way too theoretical)
The participant were asked to
  • discuss in groups their own process and create a short presentation to share with the group
  • finding metadata on a set of documents we handed them. 
The latter series presentation was interrupted and ended by one of the participants, librarian Abbas. He needs good metadata on a day-to-day basis and so instructed the rest why he found that proper metadata handling was not only to his advantage, but certainly also to the advantage of everyone publishing works. Anyone must be able to find the content! Really helpful, and I suppose it took some courage of him to stand in front of this group unprepared:

A big thank you!

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