Monday, January 19, 2015

Bajaji though the backstreets

Too bad I couldn't take any pictures or even a video from our roller coaster bajaji ride through some of the back streets of Dar. Not only are you advised to hold any of value while seated in the bajaji (it might be grasped out of your hands), the pictures would have come out very shaky anyway. But man, what a ride. Thought bumpy dirt roads (and bumpy means really REALLY bumpy), fighting our way through the busy Monday evening traffic (those bajajis do not need much room to sneak through, I can tell you that) and preventing collisions at just the right moment. Loved it!

A typical bajaji looks like this, with teared upholstery and all

The room a bajiji will try to occupy is nicely illustrated below:
Don't worry, we were not in that particular accident. All safe and sound.

We were on our way to meet some representatives of INASP at the Ethiopian restaurant. But first, we finally finished the slide decks, program and generic preparation for the workshops, starting tomorrow. We showed them to Maaike at the end of the afternoon, and decided there were some tiny changes to be made. Can't wait till tomorrow!

We accompanied Maaike to  her apartment, where she needed to drop some stuff and collect other. This gave me the opportunity to take pictures of the view from here roof terrace, which Google stitched together quite nicely:

After the fun ride we had some good conversation with the 4 people from INASP, Phil, Chris, Ruth and Julie. Later VSOs Country Director Jean also joined. We had some very good Ethiopian dishes with chicken, vegetables and meatballs in yogurt, all splattered on the customary injera. You are supposed to use that flatbread as your "fork" to scoop up the meat and sauces.
During dinner some interesting aspects were discussed, mainly about the role of VSO and INASP, how to Monitor and Evaluate, and possible spin-offs, like a webbased meeting place for Tanzanians with questions and experts with answers. Might be interesting to explore further!

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