Sunday, January 11, 2015

Acclimatize on a lazy Sunday

The day started with some heavy rain. Not the typical tropical rain shower, I suppose, but it still was a decent amount of rain. Rather refreshing, if you ask me. However, Tanzanian buildings might leak a little, judging on the pools of water in the hallways...

The view from my hotel room at daylight:

Some Sikh guys insisted on hammering and breaking stuff in the building with the green curtain around it until 3 at Saturday night. Why? Well, this is Africa, I suppose.

Today was the day we acclimatized. So start with a good breakfast. And than basically do nothing, get used to the humidity and heat. The people who know me better do know that I'm quite incapable of "doing nothing". So we checked out the "Slipway Shopping Centre" - overpriced "souvenirs" for tourists. We checked out the ATM - yeah! it worked! We discussed the content and structure of the workshops - but decided we had some great ideas, but it wouldn't not very fruitful to elaborate on those before Maaike Duine would tell us more on her preparations. We checked out the perimeters of the Slipway Compound - just to find out there not much there, except the pier with the ferry to the Bongoyo Island

So finally we we sat down for our first "elephant lager" at "The Waterfront": 

See the empty ashtray? Without a cigarette? Still managing! #quitsmoking

We also had dinner there, after it had become busier by the minute. Good pizza, good grilled fish named "changu". This is supposed to be a "Lethrinus variegatus" or "slender emperor". Its Dutch name is even better: straatveger, meaning "street sweeper". Anyway, with some parsley and pepper on a charcoal fire, it is best translated as "jummy". 

Tomorrow Maaike will come to the Slipway, so we can finally start preparing our work. Looking forward to meet her, finally.  

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